Wilma, the Reveal.

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Horror, Literature, Short Stories
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Here she is my lost ones, the antagonist of the story in all her sickening glory. Hopefully she gives you mortifying daydreams on this thundery summer morning!


Growing from the dirt floor beneath the basement window was a plant, and not just any plant but the strangest fucking plant I’d ever laid eyes on. Its peduncle was a translucent green that had a circumference of thirty inches and it rose out of the ground in a slight spiral. Beneath the peduncle was a thicket of long greenish auburn vines that spread out in every direction, slithering across the floor like the tentacles of an octopus. As I gawked at them I noticed they were covered by countless fibers that resembled the quills of a porcupine. As my eyes followed its peduncle toward the ceiling, they witnessed marvel after marvel. Large, membranous auburn petals spread out from it the size of bath towels. They had an almost erotic appearance and curved voluptuously from their center. Branching off its peduncle were dozens of beautiful flowers that appeared to be a hybrid of a lily and an orchid. Their petals were crimson with a slight hint of black and their pistils were a garish yellow that reminded me of a cat’s eyes. I felt discomfort rumble within my gut as I looked at them, they were staring at me, dozens of yellow eyes leering at me as I stood ogling at it in astonishment, watching my every move. At the peak of its peduncle were its calyx, enshrouding a massive flesh colored bulb like embracing arms. Whatever kind of flower it was it hadn’t matured yet, only its children had come to life, surprising given the living condition of the shop’s musty basement. Its bulb was about five feet tall and rested a few inches beneath the ceiling. Judging by its appearance I was sure it would never bloom, its fleshy bulb looked rotten and sticky, like the skin of someone suffering from necrosis, or an untreated burn. Long red veins traveled through the petals and seemed to glow beneath the faint sliver of sunlight shining in from outside. I can’t be certain, but as I stared at that damned bulb I swear it was moving, pulsating even. It looked like it wanted to come to life but didn’t have the strength to do so. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, something was off about the plant, and I had the sudden urge to bolt up the fucking stairs and forget I ever saw the freakish looking thing in the first place. I didn’t though, I just stood there staring at it like a horny teenager in love.


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