The best Films of 2015 … you probably didn’t watch.

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Reviews
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2015 was an excellent year for cinema all around, we had superhero blockbusters like Antman and Age of Ultron, Action flicks like Mad Max and Jurassic World, brilliant mainstream horror films like Krampus and The Visit, poignant dramas like Love and Mercy and Ex Machina, and of course we can’t forget The Force Awakens and The Hateful Eight. It was truly a great year to be a cinephile. But no different than the years preceding it there were films that disappeared beneath the encompassing shadow cast by the Hollywood blockbuster, hidden gems that were denied the same widespread appeal as their commercial brethren. Today I’d like to share a few of those gems, and pass along what I think are the best films of 2015 that you might have missed … Also I didn’t intend for there to be thirteen films. I know I’m a horror writer, and it probably looks intentional, but it was in fact a rather fortuitous coincidence.

1. Bone Tomahawk:

This western horror mashup is a slow burner, and is guaranteed to make you cringe.

Bone Tomahawk

2. It Follows:

Although I have my qualms with its third act, (see the pool scene) this film wasn’t afraid to shake up genre conventions, and for the most part it paid off.

It Follows

3. The Final Girls:

A brilliant, meta approach to the horror genre, similar to other self aware horror films like Cabin in the Woods. The Final Girls is equally heartwarming and horrifying.

The Final Girls

4. Spring:

Very rarely do I walk away from a horror film praising its characters, but Spring is an exception. It’s beautiful, intelligent, and probably the most heart wrenching monster movie you’ll ever see.


5. Creep:

Another nerve wracking character study, Creep follows a videographer who responds to an ad on Craigslist, and the strange man he’s hired to film.


6. Song of the Sea:

A modern day folk tale brimming with wondrous imagery, emotion and characters. Song of the Sea harkens back to the era of hand drawn animation, and heartwarming family stories.

Song of the Sea

7. The Forbidden Room:

A mind bending collection of stories, and fantastical occurrences. Not recommended for those seeking a linear experience, as one segment tells the tale of a moustache and the widow of the man who once adorned it.

The Forbidden Room

8. Some Kind of Hate:

A fresh take on the revenge genre, albeit a tad wonky in the acting department. Some kind of hate is a fun ride… if you turn your brain off and simply enjoy it for what it is.

Some Kind of Hate

9. Cooties:

Probably the most fun I had watching a film all year.


10. Deathgasm:

Death metal and demons, need I say more?


11. A Christmas Horror Story:

Yes Krampus was amazing. Yes A Christmas Horror Story is its lower budget Canadian relative, but it’s still fantastic fun.

A Christmas Horror Story

12. The Gift:

If the hand that rocked the cradle made you uncomfortable, then the gift will make you want to take a long, boiling hot shower. If however you’re in the mood for a dark, deeply unnerving game of cat and mouse you won’t be disappointed.
The Gift

13. The Boy and the Beast:

A coming of age tale akin to The Jungle Book, The Boy and the Beast will bring out the inner child in even the most crotchety of party poopers.
The Boy and the Beast
Well there they are my darklings, the Master of Morbid’s list of recommendations for 2015. Some are easier to watch than others, (Son of the Sea) some you probably won’t be able to make it through, (Bone Tomahawk) and some are ludicrous spectacles, (Cooties), but all of them get my highest approval.
Until next year skiddies, your father of the freakish hopes you enjoy these films, and remember to stay scary!!!

What are your favourite films of 2015?

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