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I have a new name for you today, and a relatively obscure one at that. Frank Henenlotter. Say it with me now. Henenlotter, Henenlotter. Henenlotter. It’s a doozy right? Practically rolls off the tongue.

Frank Henenlotter is an American screenwriter, and director, responsible for a handful of campy, exploitation films from the eighties, the most popular of which being, Basket Case, Frankenhooker, and Brain Damage.

Shortly after releasing the third instalment of the Basket Case series Henenlotter took a sixteen year hiatus from filmmaking, (citing frustration with studio interference as the reason for his absence) only to return in 2008 with what is probably his most obscenely ridiculous film yet, Bad Biology.

Bad Biology is your typical boy meets girl love story that follows Jennifer, a woman with a hyperactive sex drive, and bizarre reproductive system that either kills her mates, or births monster children, and Batz, a man with a sentient, drug addicted monster penis that he cannot control. Through chance of fate these single, white genetic anomalies meet, and bond almost instantly. The only thing keeping them from enjoying a romantic happily ever after is Batz’s increasingly erratic tallywhacker, and it’s sudden hunger for murder.

I wish the synopsis written above was an exaggeration, but it’s not. Bad Biology is one messed up piece of cinema. Free from the constraints of the typical Hollywood horror movie, Henenlotter was able to let his perverse imagination soar, and created a film that’s equal parts a homage to, and an evolution of his earlier work. The special effects are delightfully low-budget, low-brow, and cringe-worthy, and there’s enough gore to please any splatterhouse junkie.

If you haven’t seen Bad Biology, and chances are pretty high that you haven’t, you should definitely check it out, if for nothing more than to witness the sheer madness on display throughout its 90 minute duration.

I can’t really say anymore than I already have. This is literally a case of, you need to see it to believe it.