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Over the past few days we’ve taken a look at cannibals, aliens, zombies, mindless vidiots, deranged fast food moguls, and even extraterrestrial transvestites. In keeping with the progressively random nature of these posts, the next logical member on our list of horror antagonists would have to be something both exceptionally terrifying, and bizarre. Something so shearly horrifying that the mere thought of counting them as we drift off to slumber is enough to cause insomnia. Something soft, and fluffy, and full of hate.

It’s sheep, mutant, bloodthirsty sheep.

Black Sheep, (not to be confused with the 1996 Chris Farley political, buddy-comedy, remaquel of Tommy Boy) is a 2006 black-comedy horror film from New Zealand, written, and directed by Jonathon King

The story follows Henry Oldfield, the son of a sheep farmer, who, after fleeing home following a traumatic prank played on him by his brother Angus that left him with a phobia of the fluffy fuckers, returns to sell his share of the family estate. Unbeknownst to Henry, Angus has been conducting genetic experiments on the livestock in his absence, and has created a breed of carnivorous sheep whose bite can transform humans into were-sheep.

Meanwhile two environmental activists named Grant, and Experience, (let that simmer on your tongue for a minute) trying to expose the experiments unwittingly release a mutant lamb that escapes into the fields and begins infecting the flocks of sheep.

Let’s do some math skiddies. In 2006, the population of New Zealand was 4.21 million according to census. The population of sheep on the other hand, (one of the country’s major trade commodities) was about 30 million. That’s a roughly seven to one sheep to human ratio.

You see where I’m going with this?

What makes the film so thoroughly enjoyable is the loony B-movie inspired premise is played completely straight, not to mention the outstanding special-effects created by industry legends The WETA Workshop, the creative geniuses behind Bad Taste, Brain Dead, and The Lord of the Rings series.

Black Sheep, is better than it has any right to be, and for you horror-junkies out there who’ve yet to see it, I give it my highest recommendation. Five blood soaked balls of fleece out of five.

That’s a wrap for today’s entry, but please come back tomorrow boils, and ghouls, because things are only going to get bloodier as the days go on.

Stay scared!