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Horror-comedy is a tough combo to execute well, after all you’re trying to  cater to two very different audiences. Venture too far to one side of the spectrum, and you risk alienating the other. It doesn’t help either that the granddaddy of them all, Evil Dead 2 set the bar high in terms of what a quality horror-comedy should be. Over the years there have been numerous attempts to reach that same level of greatness, many of which were horrendous misfires, but a handful have come close, Shaun of the Dead, Tremors, Zombieland, Slither, to name a few, and of course the subject of today’s post, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

Written by Eli Craig, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil follows two well meaning rednecks who are mistaken for killers by a group of college students.

The film is an absolute delight. Craig went to great lengths to craft a well developed story that’s equal parts gory, hilarious, and surprisingly sweet. It’s packed with little nods to the films that inspired it, such as Friday the 13th, Unhinged, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the kill scenes are some of the most inventive I’ve seen in years, and at the heart of the bloody goodness is a love story that works better than it should considering the premise

Alan Tudyk, (otherwise known as the guy you loved from a bunch of movies, but never knew his name) and Tyler Labine, (Canadian heartthrob extraordinaire and Breaker High alum) have such an amazing chemistry as the bumbling rednecks you can’t help but feel for them as the horror unfolds around them.

Quoted as being, “the best film no one’s seen” Tucker and Dale vs. Evil had a hard time finding distribution after premiering to acclaim at a ton of film festivals, but thankfully was picked up by Magnet Releasing. If you’re a collector like me, you can track down a copy on the cheap, or for the rest of you it’s currently streaming on Netflix. Either way, check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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